Eleven gifts

Today is my birthday. I had got out of practice celebrating it… I successfully ignored it for many years, but this year was different. But I figure since we didn’t celebrate for 14 years or so then I will just pick up counting where I left off… I’m 24, thank you very much.

But seriously. Yesterday, surrounded by my family (most notably my eleven smallish people), opening gifts was an event. Each child had selected something for me- with some help from grandparents. A big fuzzy ball for a keychain- so I won’t lose my keys, EVER. Silver bangle bracelets, three of them. Went straight on my wrist. A keychain LED light, so I can see when I am opening the door at night. (I am seeing a trend with the key thing.) Coca-cola flavored lip gloss. 

All those heads clustered around me, all those hands pleading me first, me first. I honestly don’t think that any millionaire could have felt richer. Because no recession can reduce the value of my assets. These are eternal investments, with immeasurable value. My amazing kids, my wonderful hero husband- country living with good neighbors, a goofball Great Dane and little fat terrier, pomegranates on the tree and flowers in the garden… I hope I can communicate to my kids that this is where real riches are. The cool new toys and shiny new cars are nice. Nothing wrong with them. But to see the joy in the moments and the small things, to find beauty in imperfection-  if you can do these things, you will forever be wealthy.


One thought on “Eleven gifts

  1. Your family is so beautiful !!! What a precious birthday you had. Truly all of that love and affection is worth more than anything the world can offer us ! Thank you for sharing !

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